I wouldn't usually publish my spending activity however, with a new Job and a broken Camera, I couldn't resist an upgrade so I've purchased a Canon 7D mk ii and coupled with a very anticepated lens, the 100-400 mk ii! I'm so excited as my Camera has been playing up for months hens why I haven't been posted up many photo's. The camera still works but all the images were coming out slanted to the right on quite a nasty gradient. With the new camera soon to be on its way, I'll be able to fix my 7D and then sell it on or even keep it as a spare. 
I am however selling my current 100-400mm lens for £800 with a neoprene cover if anyone is interested? lol. 

Today I had my first official volluntary work session with the Gwent Wildlife Trust where myself and Assitant Reserves Officer Chris Reed ventured out into Torfaen in search of some key locations that could do with some land management. I pointed out 4 sites that are close to my heart which would be amazing if the Gwent Wildlife Trust could look after and develop. 

Above are the 3 locations that I suggested first, two of which we actually visited and had a short look around to check what type of habitat needed to be managed/improved and also generally taking note of the amount of species there. The Tranch location was my patch for 15 or so years so that was easy to assess but the New Inn site was new to both of us and I was extremely suprised with how lovely it is! The council looked to have already started making a path that enters that land so I assume that they've either come to an agreement with who owns the land or they themselves own it. It backs up right next to what is probably the nicest section of the Avon Llywd for miles and it didn't take us long to spot a Dipper, Fox Poo and Great Spotted Wood Peckers. It has a nice field which looks to have been cut and an open woodland with plenty of sunlight getting to the ground making it a hot spot for new growth and flowers. Generally, it has a lot of potential so I hope something gets off the ground there. I certainly will be visiting again!