A lot has gone on behind the scenes at Llandegfedd this winter. All raved to be great pre-planning but things are starting to become clearer as to the vision of Llandegfedd created by Welsh Water. A new Visitors Centre once to be described as an all round centre with a dedicated wildlife section has turned out to be nothing but a café and the Water Sports Centre will simply improve on the activities on the water but perhaps with less boundaries than previously set out. 

I'm in discussion with all the right people currently to help shine some light on this situation because the wildlife has been till this day, an after thought. Anybody in conservation would know that just isn't how it works and measures should be made prior planning to prevent any issues like the ones that have come up regarding a new pathway to the North End of Llandegfedd from the new visitors centre. 

I've pointed out where the path is going to go on the map below and as you will see, it ventures right through the wild meadows to the Fishermans car park which is currently for fisherman and permit holders only (Birders/Photographers mainly). 
Of course, it isn't fair to let some in and not others but opening it up to everybody including Dog walkers would be an absolute nightmare for the wildlife there. This location is home to many protected species of plant, insects, reptiles and mammals and to get thousands of people walking through there every day in the spring/summer would be catastrophic to the breeding activities. 

We have enough places to take our Dogs for a walk and ruining this wildlife sanctuary is just one more step closer to ruining everything great about Torfaen. Every inch of this site needs to be protected and I hope my pictures below do it justice.