With Winterwatch over already, Iolo's Great Welsh Parks has been a great edition to my tv wildlife fix! Only 1 episode left after yesterdays superb program and it is fair to say that I'm super nervous about generally seeing myself on Tv. I hope that I don't come accross as nervous as I really was while filming with Iolo. It's the first time I've had camera's in my face like that but I know how to deal/cope with it now if I ever do get the opportunity again. In Tv, there isn't time for being nervous lol. In other news, I officially started a new Job today as a Web Developer for Evergreen Supplies. Only 3 days a week but that is just perfect as it also means I can carry on my voluntary work with Gwent Wildlife Trust and Project Nestbox Wales. 

Friday 30th Jan I'll be out with the GWT in search for new wildlife locations in Torfaen. 

I've also just secured more sponsorship for PN in the form a donation from a great company called 'Earthborn'. Earthborn boast some truly great paint products which are very environmentally friendly so would make a perfect paint for nest box's which spend all their time out in the environment.  

Aden Productions Film Crew
Myself and Iolo Williams