This morning I met up with Veronika Brannovic from Gwent Wildlife Trust at the Environmental Resource Centre in Ebbwvale to discuss some voluntary options for me this year. I'm planning on getting as much experience through voluntary work as possible this year in order to get a Job in conservation. I was shown around the reserve which in all honesty, didn't take long haha. It's very small there but still rich with wildlife. I was then taken onto the Silent Valley nature reserve where Assistant Reserves Officer Chris Reed showed me about a little. What a fabulous place! The outcome of it all was very promising and I hope to work closely with them in the future. 

On returning back to Pontypool though, myself, Richard and Ray (New volunteer for Project Nestbox) got straight to work in one of his woodlands close to his home in Newinn. We had a lot of messy work to do today! This woodland is always muddy at the best of times so with all this rain you an only imagine what it was like in there... We've had so much rain that some of the nest box's were actually full of water! We replaced many of the boxes and drilled holes in the bottom of some in order for them to dry out. 

In other news, it was great seeing a lovely full rainbow today along with the bluebells spouting up in the woodland.