Having celebrated my 27th Birthday yesterday, I was reminded how fast the year is going! It used to be the horrible feeling of going back to school after an endless summer break (that mostly consisted of running around the mountain side). September 1st was never a great day for me, I didn't particularly enjoy school, in-fact, I hated it. I've never been a social person and often found the local green patch of woodland my only escape from the busy crowded life of school. That was later replaced with College where I finally got to study something I love (Music). It seemed the only thing I was good at, despite having a talent for Art, which dreams were halted after receiving my disappointing GCSE results that reminded me that talent alone doesn't get you good grades. I pursued my music further into University and that is where all the magic happened for me.. I grew up, started to realise what was most important, and asked myself a few important life questions. What are my Values? 

I couldn't answer that question at first, but the second year it all came together. I Value Detail.. Probably not the answer you was expecting..But I value detail in everything, small or big, whether that be detail in sound, sight, smell or touch. I value my Family and loved ones for the amount of detail they have enriched my life with, I value nature for all its unlimited inspiration. The problem for me is, my values aren't shared with all and are certainly not expendable...neither am I. We only get a short time on this planet and for me, my chosen career choice is one based upon value and responsibility.  

It hasn't been long since I was running around the mountain side as a kid and yet I'm already seeing those green spaces lost to development or forgotten. The best part for me in school was that small pocket of woodland escape.. a place that is now completely cut off from the children with an 8ft metal spiked fence. 

So here I am today, studying, learning and doing all I can to get a career in Conservation. Come September 1st I'll be travelling back and forth Brecon every day to start my new post as a Trainee Warden for the National Park.  I'm still volunteering for Gwent Wildlife Trust and Welsh Water at Llandegfedd Reservoir.  I hope that through sound recording and photography that I can show you everything I value, in the hope that we start to appreciate what we have and do all we can to protect it. 

I'll leave this waffling with a terrible picture of a Glow Worm from South Sebastopol (taken last week). Yes, we have Glow Worms, or should I say, we used to? Because this is possibly the last site in Gwent for Glow Worm and we are waving it goodbye as Taylor Wimpy rid the site of all its diversity to build 1200 houses. Oh but it creates Jobs and gives us homes to live in.. yes, but at what cost?