I've been looking forward to recording some Cricket / Grasshoppers again this year and I finally hit jackpot with todays low wind (but lack of sun). It was just about warm enough for the Grasshoppers to be singing. I had trouble uploading the Roesel's Bush Cricket to Soundcloud because no matter what format, frame rate / bit rate I upload it in, Soundcloud kills the quality by compressing the file which looses definition in the most vital frequency, and that just so happens to be the frequency that Roesel's sits in, right at the top around 20,000hz. This is also the reason why many people can't hear a Roesel's, because they've lost that frequency in adulthood (nice way of saying you're getting old). I'm lucky to still have these frequencies and I hope that I keep hold of them for as long as I can because they are so rich and much is to be learned about the sounds of nature. To combat this hearing problem, I've slowed down the recordings straight after the original so you can hear how complex and fast it is, even ten times slower than the original recording. The last part of the recording below is (I think) a Meadow Grasshopper, which slowed down actually reveals the individual scrapes that actually produces the overall tone of the song. It's even more amazing when you hear it in slo-mo! 

Here is the recording of the Roesel's untouched. As you can hear (or not).. the quality has been lost to compression.