Plenty of Butterflies at Blaenserchan yesterday enjoying the sun. Didn't find my intended species (Small B-frits) but there were plenty of Dark Green Fritillaries flying around but were too fast for me with added wind speed. I thought the first Butterfly below was a Dingy Skipper at first because it appeared really dark in colour when the wings were open but turns out its a Large Skipper. Below that was another species that was quite numerous called a Small Heath. 

So many butterfly species in this valley. Redpoll sang overhead and Common Lizards were very active in the meadows. 

One thing I wasn't expecting to find was Wild Strawberries! being colourblind, I tend to miss out any many colours in the field, especially reds amongst a sea of brown and green. These strawberries however were growing on a vertical wall so it was easy for me to spot them. Once I did spot them, I started noticing them a lot more and eventually come to the conclusion that the entire mountainside was covered in them haha.