Related how exactly? I could create a more complex link between Waterproof Jackets and Moths but yesterday evening ended with a bit of a rain shower at Llandegfedd and while photographing Moths and I did get rather wet in the process... Reason why I'm blogging about this is because, as my Facebook followers will know, I'm in the market to purchase a 'decent' Waterproof Jacket. I didn't realise just how saturated the market was.. so making an informed purchase has been difficult. I've done a lot of research into various brands and materials and it's looking like a tie between Gore-tex Pro and Paramo at the moment.. Gore-tex has a large reputation in the Uk for being highly breathable, windproof and most importantly, waterproof. The material has been developed into three types, Standard Gore-tex, Gore-tex Active and Gore-tex Pro. Depending on your needs, each material provides the user with varying options of weight, breathability and durability. For me, durability is important, especially now I'll be physically working outdoors in my new Job in September as a Trainee Warden in the Brecon Beacons National Park. That brings me to the top of the line Gore-tex Pro jackets, which aren't cheap! While there are many alternative options to Gore-tex, each has its own disadvantages. eVent is another solution for example but its design makes the material more breathable than Gore-tex but at the cost of loosing a lot of heat and durability. 

This brings me to Paramo, a company that has based their design on animal fur with a two layers acting together to create an over-all waterproof jacket. The outer layer is 90% Water resistant but the detached inner layer is a small haired fleece where any water that gets thru the first layer, is pushed back out. The small hairs on the fleece change the flow direction of the water but it doesn't stop there, as the inner side of the fleece will also extract any moisture your body creates inside. Sounds perfect, and the pros don't stop there, but one big downside is, they are extremely warm because of the fleece. 

Weighing up the pros and cons isn't easy and the end result is likely going to be different depending on what your needs are, for me, the jacket I want so far, doesn't exist. So at some point I'm going to have to make some compromises. (If you have any experience with Jackets and are a little chart crazy like I am, please contact me). 

I'll leave you with my damp photographs of a 6-spot Burnet Moth which was struggling in the cold weather and wasn't able to fly. 

6-spot Burnet Moth