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Magor Marsh

GWT Magor Marsh

The gwent levels never fails to impress me. The sheer diversity there that thrive on both manmade and natural habitats is outstanding. Todays selection of photos only scratch the surface of the things I saw on my short trip after work to magor. Finding a Glow Worm larvae at the end of the wooden pathway was a nice reminder of what happens after dark. A late night trip in the next couple weeks might be on the cards to spot any lights in the darkness. The wind was up which meant the butterflies were down and I managed to get close enough to shoot a few orange tip butterflies with the Macro lens. The Emperor Moth was taken in St Brides thanks to Mel Oxford who was lucky enough to have one sat on his lawn! What a beautiful Moth! We have a great selection of beautiful moths in the Uk and it’s on my list this year to make a trap to record the species in my area. It will be a great way to expand my knowledge, learn more species and add to the never ending list of records that I have to send off. 

Magor Marsh Stop-off

Had to pick something up for the car from Devon today, so the plan was to stop off to one of the many recommendations I had for nature places to visit. Once we arrived at Devon however, I was pretty tired and had a lingering headache so we ended up driving straight back home. A very quick stop off at Magor Marsh on the way back seemed to save the day for photography as the Water Voles were showing well. One thing I love about Magor Marsh, the locals use it regularly, not just for wildlife watching, but a place of solace, and more recently... as part of a the trending game 'Pokemon Go'. (Google it if you don't know yet). It's also used for exercise as people regularly use the tracks as part of their daily run. This doesn't diminish the place though, in-fact for me, it makes it better, as it means the wildlife gets used to the sound of people and therefor, makes them more approachable for me to photograph. The water voles are prime examples of that. So long as you don't move suddenly or make a loud noise, they'l happily carry on with their business. 

Water Vole

Yat Rock, Magor Marsh & Llandegfedd

Last couple of days have been on and off regarding the weather but lucky for me, today was beautiful and so happened to also be my birthday so I spent it with my partner in crime at the scenic Yat Rock observing the Peregrines and Goshawks: An unbeatable location for observing raptors in flight. We stopped off at Magor Marsh in Newport before going for some food and by then, the sun had gone but a single ringed Grasshopper warbler showed briefly before heading off south. I only wished at that point that I had my new recording gear because it was singing so close to me!

Dragonfly Week

Safe to say, today was probably the best day I've had for Dragonflies this year so far. I found my first Keeled Skimmer on my home patch, and what a beautiful Dragonfly they are! This particular individual was very kind and allowed me to get very close from all angles.. Golden-ringed still present in this area along with the typical, Emperor, Broad-bodied, Black-tailed and Common Hawker. I look forward to seeing what this site produces into August. Also in this location, lots and lots of Grayling Butterflies. 

Wildlife Weekend @ Magor Marsh & Forest Farm

Well, April has been an eventful month! With spring bursting into action, followed by a couple weeks of really nice weather, it's almost like playing a game of catch up! I don't want to miss a thing this year if I can help it which means devoting my spare time to visit various places around Gwent, Monmouthshire and Cardiff. The weekend started with me and my partners first visit to Magor Marsh and we were instantly greeted by a Watervowl right next to our car! Apparently, the 2 by the car park are very familiar with people and don't shy away upon getting close which allowed me to get some pretty decent shots right away. We met some lovely people there on both of our visits this weekend to Magor Marsh, both of which are very nice contacts to have so I hope they get in touch for future collaboration in conservation. While exploring Magor, I managed to get 2 photos that I've been trying to get for a long time, firstly in the shape of a Cetti's Warbler which ALWAYS manages to avoid my camera, but not this time! I also managed to frame two Orange-tip Butterflies together, both male and female! 

We ended the weekend with a late visit to Forest Farm and while the majority of the time there was quite quiet, perseverance paid off while waiting that extra hour longer as we were greeted by a hunting Red Fox who was actively chasing Rabbits and Magpies.