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Meadow Pipit

Staying Local

Tree Creepers, Goldcrests, Mistle Thrushes, Meadow Pipit, and much more on todays outings. I love finding local wildlife. It means so much more than travelling half the country chasing around after wildlife that other people have found for you. Of course, I love seeing the country and all it's beauty, but I also seek to find the beauty right here on our doorstep. Who would have thought that we had localised Hawfinch? I certainly didn't. Though this winter is a particularly good year to see Hawfinch with a large influxes turning up all over Europe from places like Russia. There are a few theories as to why we've had such a large number of Hawfinches this winter, some say it's due to mass de-forestation in combination with food shortage.. Who knows?, but I'll certainly be making the most of them. Keep an eye on your local Yew tree's, often planted around Churches and you may just find some yourself if you haven't already. I'd even be bold enough to say that most Yew Tree's in the Uk would have had a Hawfinch visit at some point this winter, so it's well worth keeping your eyes pealed for the Uk's largest finch! 

Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush

Last weekend I made the effort to go and see a rarity to the Uk, a 1st winter male Rock Thrush! I've personally never seen one before, particularly because we've only had 2 Records in Wales since 1981. They breed anywhere from southern Europe to North Africa and even parts of Central Asia. They winter in North-east Africa however so to get them this time of year, this far south, gives you a clue how far our this guy is. The strong southern winds caused from Storm Ophelia proved too much from this bird that must have got caught up during migration. Either way, this Rock Thrush couldn't have picked a more suitable spot in Pwll Du quarry which still has a ready supply of insects but also plenty of un-touched berries on the trees. Not for long however as our winter visitors such as Redwing and Fieldfare are already on their way. Other notable species at Pwll Du quarry were a single Black Redstart, Redkite, 4 Wheatear (should be gone already) and lots of Meadow Pipits. 

Upland Survey

Only a short photography session today having spent most of the day surveying a site that may be victim to yet another development. This one however, we'll feel all around the valleys. I'll blog about this on a feature date once I've accumulated enough concrete information. For now, enjoy the Meadow Pipit and Yellowhammer that I bumped into on my travels. 

Sunny Productive Hour

If you find yourself short for time and like me, have to grab whatever time you can between other activities, you'll likely want to make that time as productive as possible. With the help of the Sun shining, I set out to do just that for an hour after work. In that short hour, I had such a great time!
My local moorland is by far the nicest place to get away from the busy, loud, fast flow of general day to day life. I came back from the mountain refreshed and ready for another day and with a few photographs of Meadow Pipit and Skylark that i'm quite happy with. Was really nice to see a Male Wheatear back on territory having migrated from central Africa. Also saw my first House Martin today in the Tranch.