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Slimbridge WWT

WWT Slimbridge Winter Special

Theres nothing quite more thrilling than a stunning sunny winters day at Slimbridge WWT nature reserve. What an incredible place, not just for wildlife, but for people of all kinds. Families having a fun filled day observing, playing and learning, all the while, serious birders getting some fantastic views of truly massive numbers of wintering wildfowl & waders with their predators in the mix. Every now and again you're reminded of the amount of conservation work that has taken place their also, with plenty of ringed / satellite tagged birds out on the reserves. It's by far the best place for photography out of all of the WWT reserves I've been to, as the hides are setup with photographers in mind, with the sun at your back and the wildlife up close and personal. How they've achieved all this is beyond me, but it proves it can be done! I know you have to pay to get in, or pay membership fees, but in my opinion, it's worth every penny because you get so much back from it. You only need look at my photographs below to see that and these are only a hand-full of photo's that I took yesterday. Two views of hunting Peregrines in a place that I last saw a hunting Goshawk over the meadows on my last visit. I hope you enjoy my images below. The Water Rail has to be my favourite as it needed to cross the ice to get to the other side of the pond where the water had thawed in the sun. That said, there were lots of incredible moments, perhaps I'll post the images separately and talk about them individually on a later date. For now, enjoy.


Always so much to talk about and so much to show from a Slimbridge visit. I highly recommend the place if you're yet to visit. Plenty of spring activity here too which fighting Coots, Displaying Great Crested Grebes, Wigeon on the move and our Bewick Swans readying for their flight back to Siberia. Male and Female Sparrowhawks were regulars at the Kingfisher hide, though don't expect to get the picture easy! That wasn't the birds playing hard to get, it was the fight you had to put up in order to get thru the crowd of people once you shout Sparrowhawk! I had this really rude Man practically knocking me out of my square hole in the hide just so he could get in on the action. I took that shot below on my tip toes between 7 people who had taken over the seat I was just sat on. How rude! Some people are clearly just in it for the shot. Next time I won't do them any favours and keep my sightings to myself. 

Slimbridge Sunday

There is never a dull day at Slimbridge! Even when you see the typical common stuff, you get such great views of them that you can really appreciate them for what they are. A Rook for instance is recognised by most people as 'just a crow' but they are really great birds! They are very different from their urban cousins and specialise on probing into the ground with their long bald bills to cache their food so that they can return later. They are more like Jay's than Jackdaws and Carrion Crows in that sense. 

Summer Over? Slimbridge

Last weekend seemed to be the last bit of nice weather by the looks. Tomorrow onwards and we're in for a large bout of rain, which is probably going to be a good thing for spotting any migrants dropping in at Llandegfedd. I might make the effort on Thursday/Friday in the rain to see what drops in. May get an Osprey or even more Terns. The photographs below are from last weekend at Slimbridge WWT. When in doubt, go to Slimbridge! I don't think I've ever had a bad time at Slimbridge.

Slimbridge Avocets / Garganey 

Having failed to get any nice photos the other day of the local Avocet / Garganey sightings at Llandegfedd, it was really nice to get such close encounters from the hides at Slimbridge today of both birds. Despite some of them being through the hide window, they came out alright. Nice to see the Kingfishers back at their nest sight too! Black-tailed Godwits were of plenty too! All those dots in the background of the Avocet flight photos were BT Godwits. 

Slimbridge WWT

First warm day of the year today! I've seen 3 Butterflies already, Small Tortoiseshell and White along with a Brimstone. Bumblee's and Wasps are all starting to emerge and we've already had lots in the Garden. Slimbridge in great weather was just a bonus for photography but not much activity from the Birds I would have liked to photograph today. Ideally would have liked to get some closer shots of Lapwing but compared to our last visit the numbers where right down. I have a feeling that the bright sun may have triggered a responce in most wading Birds to start looking for their breeding grounds. A Robin stole the show today as you can see below and I made the most of having some of our most common Birds like Jackdaws up nice and close. 

Cheddar Woods & Slimbridge WWT Weekend Break

This weekend was great! Me and my Gf has a nice valentines get away in Cheddar and spent perhaps a little too much money! The weekend wasn't the best weather what so ever but for the most part it stayed dry. We spent a lot of the time on Cheddar Res and ended up stopping off at Slimbridge on the way back which ended up being the best idea all weekend! I did however drop my phone in the hot tub... So currently phoneless haha. Plenty of photo's taken this weekend so I'll post them all in a gallery below. Some of them I'm really happy with! Goshawk, Waterail and many more great Birds seen today at Slimbridge so check it out.